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Time & Productivity Management

Do you often reach the end of the week and wonder how you were so busy but didn't accomplish anything? Do you seem to be spending the majority of your time dealing with crises and 'urgent' tasks at the expense of your wildly important goals?

Fhatuella's Time and Productivity Management course will help you take control of your time so that you can spend it on the tasks that really deserve your attention.

This one-day course will help you to:

Reflect on where you are really spending the bulk of your time.
Use the Eisenhower matrix to prioritise your tasks
Understand the value of planning using time-blocking
Improve your delegation skills and better manage those annoying 'task monkeys'
Plan for both professional and personal goals so that you can regularly enjoy weekends with family and friends!

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Our Insight

Within the dynamic global knowledge-economy, human capital comprises in excess of 70% of the intangible assets of an organisation. The tangible and intangible value of investing in people not only brings about better results, but builds a more engaged workforce that is adaptable to fast-changing conditions presently and in the future.

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Our Conviction

People bring their whole selves to work. They are real people with real families, passions, interests, hobbies and dreams that span beyond the bounds of job scope and organisational and levels. With the appropriate training and coaching, it is possible for employees to discover the ‘sweet-spot’ where personal aspirations meet organisational strategy. This creates a win-win outcome for both parties.

Our Approach

Fhatuella’s facilitation, consulting and coaching programs are the result of a unique combination of behavioural and transformational approaches to people development. This means that whilst the key behaviours of effective leaders are introduced to delegates, the facilitator assists each delegate to use his/her unique authentic strengths to influence others toward higher levels of motivation and productivity within an environment of shared vision and values.

Who we are

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Fhatuella's operations are managed by Valerie Ndou, CEO and Co-founder of the enterprise.
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Fhatuella is a 100% black-owned leadership and organisational development consultancy with a unique approach towards strategic impact and personal development.

Our Values

At Fhatuella, we live by our values and this is evident in how we interact with our customers, our partners and our staff.

Authenticity | Excellence | Gracious-disruption


The self-leadership module is seen as an appropriate point of departure as it assist the delegate in discovering his/ her own personal values, taking stock of current situations and defining a desired future. Delegates are assisted in exploring current time and energy expenditure and developing a self-contract to better manage personal and organisational priorities.


The focus in this dimension is on igniting functional units to move from groups to teams through assisting delegates to explore the potential of their interpersonal influence. This is achieved through inspiring supervisors and line managers to better understand their local and universal working environments, adapt to the communication styles of others and employ their personal strengths and passions to become true organisational citizens. This module Includes emotional and spiritual intelligence which encompasses the four quadrants of self-awareness, universal awareness, self-mastery and social mastery.



The focus is on empowering the senior manager and leader towards a more transformational approach to leadership. The senior leader is required to reflect upon the strategic objectives and the values of the organisation with a view to exploring alignment with personal aspirations and personal values. The facilitator inspires delegates toward creating a belief in the future amongst staff at all levels, developing more authentic relationships both laterally and vertically (in order to improve communication) and igniting innovation amongst team members and direct reports. The basic principles of mentoring and coaching are introduced and practised.


Our Services

Our Value Proposition

Fhatuella partners with corporate, state-owned & non-profit Organisations to deliver the following services:

Organisational Consulting

HR Strategic Planning
Skills Development Planning & Reporting
Human Capital Analysis & Planning
Organisational Change Management
Talent Management & Succession Planning


Self-awareness & Personal Leadership (1 day)

The Authentic Leader (2 days)
From Group to Team (2 days)
Leadership for Organisational Excellence (3days)
Strategic Human Capital Management (2 days)
Strategic Human Capital Development (2 days)
Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence (EQ&SQ) (1day)
The Coaching Manager (1 day)
Time Management & Productivity (1 day)



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