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Who is Valerie Ndou?

Valerie is a leadership coach and organisational consultant with more than a decade of professional experience in the field of education, learning and development.

Valerie holds two masters’ degrees (one in science and a more recent one in organisational leadership, obtained from Regent University, Virginia, USA).

Having held various positions (to executive level) in corporate and state-owned S.A., Valerie has obtained expertise in the field of training and development with a particular focus on leadership coaching and mentoring.

Valerie is passionately motivated to partnering with organisations for the purpose of growing and equipping individuals and teams with the skills to understand and manage self, lead and inspire others and productively execute work towards the achievement of organisational strategy.

Valerie is married to Steven and they have two children. As a family, the four enjoy participating in park-runs, reading, theatre and seaside holidays.

Valerie’s medium-to- long-term goals include authoring and publishing a number of leadership books in addition to parenting two future leaders who will themselves intentionally influence and develop more leaders.